Voluntary Emissions Reduction Purchase Agreement

Can I indicate if my project is also certified to the gold standard or other voluntary standards? The environmental benefits of THE RÉGIES can be used, among other things, to offset or offset your own greenhouse gas emissions. Yes. If you are a person 18 years of age or older, you may purchase the termination of THE CRC on the Platform as an individual or as a representative of your organization. However, it is not possible to adopt the RÉGIES offered on the platform by another provider. ErPA usually involves two countries. However, this can also happen between a country and a large company. Often, the seller has implemented new technologies or developed a new project that they expect to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, so the seller doesn`t need as many carbon credits and can benefit from them by selling. CDM projects aim to achieve two objectives: (a) reducing greenhouse gas emissions and (b) supporting sustainable development in developing countries. No no. The platform only offers the possibility to buy offsets for voluntary cancellation. The platform is not an exchange and only allows the use of offsets for voluntary purposes.

The termination of RECs occurs after the payment transaction has been confirmed by the payment system (PayPal) or by you (in the case of a bank transfer). The completion of the voluntary cancellation procedure and the service of the cancellation certificate should take up to 2 working days maximum. The emissions reduction contract between the buyer and seller of emission credits is an important document for developers of climate change projects. It identifies responsibilities, rights and obligations for project risk management. It also defines the commercial conditions of the project, including the price, volume and delivery plan for emission reductions. The platform is configured for the certificate to be issued on behalf of the buyer. If you register as an enterprise user or enter a company address, the company name appears on the certificate. Make sure you see the first line of the address box in the second control screen. The name included in this first line is displayed on the certificate. You can edit this first line directly in the control screen using the next to the address field. Use the „View Certificate“ option (on the same control screen) to see what your final certificate will look like.

Yes. When you leave your order, you will be asked to indicate the reason for the purchase. You can choose between a series of default options or indicate your sole reason in the text field. In the second control screen, you can use the „Preview testimonial“ option to see what your final certificate will look like. . . .