Speaker Release Agreement

In addition to keeping good recordings, promoting future events and providing archives to those who cannot personally participate in the event, we also want to broadcast the sessions to our virtual participants or retransmit them on the webcast. In this section, you allow us to use the images or recordings we`ve made (courtesy B!) and effectively broadcast, publish or broadcast digital streams, etc. So first, give us permission to make or capture the images or recordings, and in this section you give us permission to actually use them, again with the restriction that everything we create will never be sold for profit and that we will only publish these items under the Creative Commons license, to the benefit of the virtual worlds and the Metaverse community and the public. If you still have any questions or concerns about the agreement, please let us know by contacting us at l`info@avacon.org and we will contact you to discuss your concerns. „I have read and understood this agreement and I am over 18 years old. This agreement expresses the full understanding of the parties. The Limited Presenter Release Agreement is the legal document that records our mutual agreement and understanding of what you are giving us permission to do. It protects both parties by ensuring that we have your permission to publicize or produce the event in which you are talking or you are going to perform, but that we can only use your data for the purposes you intend to do. „Limited“ in the title of the document means that you do not give us general permission to do everything we want with your content, but we are limited to using the material only in the manner specified in the contract and only for non-commercial purposes. As you will see in the agreement, we intend to release everything that, through all the events we produce, to virtual worlds and the community and the public through a Creative Commons license. You confirm that: (I) you have full power and authority to grant the rights and publications outlined in this press release; (ii) you are the exclusive author of the presentation; (iii) you hold all rights to the presentation, including, but not exclusively, all copyrights and trademarks; In the event that your content, a podcast of your content program or a representation of you as a spokesperson for sale in a commercial context is considered to use Propelify, you will be consulted first and a separate agreement on income or payment to you under such a trade agreement must be discussed and agreed upon. That sounds scary! It sounds pretty scary at first glance, but it`s not as bad as it sounds. First of all, the „reflection“ you recognize is that we allow you to introduce yourself or perform at the event as a speaker, panelist, moderator or interpreter.

In exchange for this privilege, you (AvaCon) grant us the following rights that will be posted in the following sections. „Unlicensed“ means that you don`t ask us to pay you every time someone, say, observes a stream of the event, and you give us permission to transmit the stream „anywhere in the world,“ which means that viewers, wherever they are geographically, and as long as we are able to host the streams, which translates into „forever.“