Shogun 2 Trade Agreement Unacceptable

In a few turns, you`ll probably have a good number of ships near one of the nodes you don`t own. If the AI is still there during these few rounds – more likely than it isn`t – declares war. Attack their pile of boats – they tend to be small and can be defeated most of the time without combat ships (sure you checked before the declaration of war?) – occupy the knot while they flee you – and seek peace. A tribute is correct – most of the time, 5000 is enough, but if it is not, you can increase it to 20000+. Paying a small amount per turn is the right way here – this way, if the AI is a neighbor on the strategy card, or if they are really crazy, if they declare war again, you only paid for the number of rounds that peace lasted (the remaining payments are canceled). The tribute is worth it – a trading node will easily make you more than the AI wants from you. Also try to include a trade deal in the peace deal – it will improve relations and you should always trade with everyone, even if you have to pay for the deals as soon as you have a few trade nodes. I think I know why this happens. Other clans resilient contracts with you (including trade agreements) if your diplomatic reputation with them falls below a certain threshold (which you don`t see).

This would explain why they now want a payment to restore trade with you. As others have said, it can also be a precursor to a declaration of war against you. The AI of Shogun 2 is very expansionist and will declare war on friendly clans to conquer the territory. That`s one of the reasons I love Shogun 2, the AI is programmed (in a way) to do what a human player would do, which is declare war on a clan of friends if they don`t have other means of expansion. Commercial nodes are on a first-come basis. As trading in Shogun 2 is a very powerful source of income, taking the nodes is something that every player should do, no matter what. In fact, a simple measure of players` abilities could be how quickly they finish their trading port, make their first merchant ship, and close their first trading post compared to the best possible speed for their clan. Koku is sparse at the beginning of the game, and trading ports and ships, while expensive, should be the top priority. If your port is not yet able to produce merchant ships and you finish the train without an upgrade in the queue, make one of the two biggest strategic mistakes in the early game.

If you open a trade agreement with a clan, trading starts automatically. There are two ways to trade with a clan, on the roads, if there are roads that connect two of your cities, and the boat. If you and your business partner have open port spaces, trade begins. You can see your trade routes through lines pointed on your map that lead from your port to theirs. By upgrading your docks, you can allow for more open port space, which in turn allows you to do more business. Note the clans that have occupied your rightful place as the primary importer of goods.. . .