Equipment Installation Agreement

The loan materials mentioned above are and remain the exclusive property of CCC. The agreement should not be construed as a transfer of ownership of the equipment indicated to the CLIENT. The device must not be moved or removed from the installation site listed below without CCC`s express and prior written consent. The client is committed to allowing CCC representatives access to premises during normal working hours to clean, inspect, use, exchange or remove their devices in accordance with this Agreement. CCC has installed on the surface of this document the devices under the term borrowing at the location indicated for the use of the CLIENT and undertakes to maintain the equipment free of charge to the CLIENT for the duration of the agreement (not included). This agreement involves the monthly purchase and exclusive use by the CLIENT of coffee and other related CCC supplies. Client recognizes that CCC reserves the right to terminate the contract with a notification, as described below, due to insufficient purchases of CCC deliveries or other factors considered to have a negative impact on delivery and maintenance costs. The CLIENT also acknowledges that a breach of the terms of this agreement, including the use of the coffee product of an alternative supplier, must be sufficient reason to terminate this contract. This Agreement is binding on both parties, their heirs, successors and beneficiaries of the assignment, and will remain fully in force and will remain in force as long as the equipment remains in client possession or until termination on the basis of termination, depending on the later date. The parties agree to inform each other in writing of the cancellation or termination at least one day. The notification must be communicated to the premises/addresses listed in this document. The written notification that has been provided is immediately returned to the CCC in the same condition as during installation, with the exception of normal wear and tear. The customer must maintain ALL_RISK insurance coverage for the equipment until the equipment is returned to CCC and agrees that in the event of damage or loss for any cause, the customer assumes full responsibility for the equipment and also acknowledges responsibility for replacing or restoring the equipment to a satisfactory operating condition (except normal wear).

The CLIENT undertakes not to harm CCC, its representatives or its auxiliaries of any losses, damages, injuries, claims, claims and expenses directly or indirectly resulting from the actual or presumed use, possession, maintenance, condition (latent or untraceable), operation, delivery or transport of equipment. The CLIENT confirms receipt of the „loan-based“ equipment noted on CCC`s face. THIS AGREEMENT IS AN INTEGRAL PART OF THE FACIAL PART OF THIS DOCUMENT.