Enforceability Of Agreement In Labour Law

In cases where a worker`s request to terminate an employment contract (voluntary resignation) is due to events that prevent the worker from continuing to perform duties (retirement, enrollment in an educational institution and other cases) and in cases of violation of laws and other ordinary laws that contain labour law standards, terms of the collective agreement , an employer`s agreement or employment contract. , the employer must terminate an employment contract within the time limit set at the employee`s request. The UAE`s labour law has recently seen two major developments in the applicability of employment contracts: the employer is responsible for issuing a benefit book and a public pension insurance certificate to employees who enter into an employment contract for the first time. When a hidden production accident is discovered or a complaint, request or other complaint from the victim, his or her deputy or the relationship of a victim who died as a result of the accident is made indicating their refusal of the findings of the Board of Inquiry and if the employer or his agent also has information on the consequences of a production accident. , at the expiry of the temporary victim`s incapacity to work, the Public Labour Protection Inspector reviews the accident in production in accordance with the provisions of this section, regardless of the statute of limitations on the accident involving, as a general rule, the union inspector and, if applicable, a representative of another public supervisory authority. Article 344. Special procedure for the conclusion of an employment contract with a religious organisation and modification of it If the worker uses his personal property with the agreement of the employer and in the interest of the employer, the worker receives compensation for the use, wear (amortization) of the tool, personal transport, equipment and other technical means and equipment of the worker, as well as compensation for the costs The amount of compensation is determined by the written agreement of the parties to the employment contract. An employment contract may also be terminated for other reasons defined by this code or other federal statutes. At the request of a worker, an employer has the right to authorize a worker who works on another employment contract within the same organization, another position, another specialty or other occupation exceeding the limits of normal working time, in order to allow an internal combination of jobs.