Devon County Council Deferred Payment Agreement

This obviously reduces the amount of inheritance, but also requires proactive financial measures when the time comes for sale. You should also ensure that all executors are fully aware of the situation, as they make the refund once you have left. Most people will have invested most of their financial assets in their property without the money that could be spent on retirement home financing. A payment deferral system is proposed and made available by your local authority. If you have hoped to transfer your property to the family as an inheritance, a deferred payment system can complicate matters, as it is likely that the house will have to be sold in the future. Otherwise, the refund is due after the death. Deferred payment systems are not suitable for everyone – and only some people are allowed. In this article, we look in detail at payment deferral systems to help you decide if there is an appropriate way for you to cover your retirement home expenses. A deferred payment contract works in the same way as a share release system from a commercial supplier. You can compare this to see what`s right for you. In addition, you need to make sure that the facility you are currently in is probably an establishment in which you will stay for a long time. The change of homes will effectively terminate the agreement, and you could then sell your home or find the money to repay your local authority sooner than you had planned. If you move into a retirement home and most of your money is spent in your home, your local authority can offer you a deferred payment contract.

You sign a legal agreement stipulating that the money will be refunded if your home is sold. A deferral payment contract is an agreement with the local authority that allows people to use the value of their homes to pay the cost of care homes. The short answer is yes, but only if the community allows it and accepts it. If you plan to rent your property while you are in a deferred payment system, you must notify it and ask for their permission. To qualify for a deferred payment contract to help with your care home financing, the value of your savings and capital (excluding the value of your home) must be less than $23,250 if you live in England. If you live in Scotland, the amount is $26,250, with the threshold set at $24,000 in Wales. This is why it is always important to consider all aspects of a deferred payment system before using a retirement home coverage or subsidy system. It is also worth remembering that your rental income may push you above the threshold of authorization to provide deferred payments. In Scotland, there is no interest charge as long as you have the deferred payment contract. Interest is only collected if the contract is terminated by the person or from 56 days after death.

Interest should then be collected at a „reasonable rate“ set by the local authority. From this you should deduct interest and fees for the deferred payment system, the maintenance and insurance costs of the home and the fees for each owner you use. Deferred payment systems can be used for a wide range of care services, including the payment of retirement home and sheltered housing costs. Care home costs are subject to the same conditions as overheads of care homes. If the rental income added to your other income covers all or more than your retirement home expenses, you can rent your property without the need for a deferral of payment. The most common situation in which you should consider a deferred payment contract is when your savings and other assets (excluding your home) are low, but the value of your home makes you cross the payment threshold for some or all of your own care home costs themselves.